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Welcome to CNC LAB

Got Sharnoa?

Here is your alternative!

 To the valuable Sharnoa customers we are proud to offer the services listed below:

  •  1. Full service of Sharnoa brand CNC machines (parts included).
  •  2. Exclusive Windows98 upgrade of Tiger-5 and Tiger-6 controls (networking included), low cost and effective.
  •  3. Repair, rebuild or refurbish of vide variety of Sharnoa electronic equipment (boards, drives, power supplies, etc.) We repair such brands as Electrocraft, Orbit, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, AZM(CEM), Glentek and more.
  •  4. Exclusive service: modified operator panel of Tiger-6 and Tiger-7 controls (everlasting panel).
  •  5. Replacement of CRT monitors to LCD for the fraction of standard monitor price.
  •  6. Exclusive service of Tiger-3 and Tiger-4 controls (hardware and software).
  •  7. Your only source for Tiger-4 floppy drives 720Kb (low density) in the country!
  •  8. Customer support and troubleshooting over the phone - FREE!
  • You can reach us anytime at: (248) 939-0337.

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