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CNC LAB - alternative Sharnoa machines service

     Service and repair of Sharnoa CNC machines and controls.

Full service of Sharnoa brand CNC machine centers. Fast and effective troubleshooting, electrical and mechanical repairs, electronic boards repair, exclusive updates and improvements of Sharnoa CNC controls.

CNC Lab is dedicated to the customer support and provides help and troubleshooting over the phone for FREE. We can keep your CNC machine running with wide variety of services: from parts, repairs and replacements to retrofitting.   

We are experienced in PC-based CNC controls and have solutions to upgrade your hardware and software at a resonable price.

We provide exclusive service and support to Tiger3 and Tiger4 CNC controls, including computer boards repair, floppy drive replacements, etc.

Upgrade your Sharnoa Tiger5 or Tiger6 control to Windows98 operating system (similar to Tiger7) and significantly improve your machine networking capabilities.

Contact info:

Anytime: (248) 939-0337 Fax: (248) 848-1741

E-mail: feliry@aol.com  or felixh@cnclab.net 

Mail to: 29455 Breezewood, Farmington Hills, MI 48331




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